Using Animation For Effective Marketing

Over the last couple of decades, the face of marketing has changed drastically. About a decade ago marketing underwent another transformation. Where paper advertisements and radio spots used to be, the internet has stepped in to become one of the most widely used advertising and marketing tools throughout the world. Currently, more people are using the internet to dig up reviews, information, and products than ever before and the amount of potential clients you can reach is growing daily. With this being the case, how can you make your site, product, or company stand out from the thousands of websites available to be memorable in a client’s mind? This is where animation steps in.

A website complete with tasteful flash animations, informational videos, and interactive content allows visitors to engage with your site and remain there longer to discover more about your company. While a static website is a bare minimum for any business these days, it isn’t enough to win out over a competitor who took the time to include animation or two on their site. What is needed now is an aesthetically designed, visually appealing, and easy to navigate user interface that will provide a memorable and positive user experience.

Some forms of animation that are used to demonstrate an idea or illustrate a concept and which capture a visitor’s interest are:

  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Character Animation
  • 3D Modeling & Product Design
  • 3D Walkthrough Animation
  • 3D Mobile, Online, and PC Games

Using one of these forms of animation in a short, tasteful, and informative manner can let your visitors get a snapshot of your company before they decide to explore further. This is very similar to the teaser trailer of a movie. You put your best foot forward and from that impression, you entice a movie-goer to see your movie weeks or even months later because it impacted their desires and engaged their interest. Using this same analogy we can take it one step further. The visitor watches the trailer (your animation), then decides to read the full plot summary (your text), then they look to find out when and where the movie is playing (your company information), following that they go to see the movie (purchase your product or service). By including an animation on your page you have just moved a visitor to your website into a client for your company. Your animation gave you that leg up on the competition who decided to leave the animation out of their site. In summary, the advantages of animation are:

  • more visual appeal
  • lasting impression
  • greater product understanding
  • preference is given by all major search engines to sites with animation

Properly conceived and executed animations have no disadvantages. However, if an animation is poorly done, the impact on your website can be severe. Silly animations on a professional site decrease the company’s image, reliability, and value. Similarly, animations inappropriate for the intended audience can cause a perpetual block on your website and may even offend some visitors. It is for these reasons that you need to meet with a professional web design firm that can work with you to develop an audience-appropriate, company mindful animation that can help influence each visitor to decide on your company.

Cybervation, Inc is a Columbus, OH-based company specializing in 2D, 3D, and Flash animations for use both in websites and as stand-alone marketing tools. Going with Cybervation, Inc. allows you to keep your web design, application development, animation, and internet marketing all under the same roof, saving you time and money.